Rise Calgary works to ensure everyone moves forward and that no one feels alone during their fight for a better quality of life.


We believe in our community and want all Calgarians to have tangible supports that move them from scarcity to strength. Everyone who comes to us for help will receive compassionate and non-judgmental support from our small but mighty team.


We value growth, innovation, and testing new ideas to shift perspectives, drive systemic change, and help end poverty in our city once and for all.

Talking Taxes Coordinator 

Help the community grow people’s incomes through tax filing and benefits access. Talking Taxes will develop tools, training, and resources to help Siksika Nation members file taxes on Nation and access the important income-boosting benefits. While working for Rise Calgary, this exciting position involves partnering closely with the entire Aspire Financial Empowerment Network and Momentum. Click here for the full job profile. 

Community Advocate: Communications and Operations Lead 

This Community Advocate position works directly with the public while also supporting the operations of the organization.  You will participate in supporting our physical space, information and organizational technology, brand and communications, data analysis, and management. The role also supports contract management, fund development, organizational culture, and strategy excellence.  Click here for the full job profile. 

Our Core Values 

  • Act with extreme compassion.

  • Consciously commit to growing equity.

  • Commit to sustaining our well-being.

  • Participate in and support our cross-functional and collaborative team.

  • Commit to continuous quality improvements and knowledge generation.