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Mobility Coaching

Mobility Coaching is a pilot program that tests if goal setting, nudging, and personalized coaching can create permanent, lasting change for Calgarians living on low incomes.

Let's work together and create innovative approaches to how we address poverty.


Areas of Coaching

Mobility Coaching participants are meeting with their coaches two to four times per month, over the 12 month duration of the project.


In these sessions the participants are encouraged to reflect on their current situations, develop strategies for change, practice self determination through skill building, and take action toward achieving future goals.

Coaching areas include Economic, Social, and Wellness domains.

Project Outcomes and Testing

Potential outcomes from this project may be that Calgarians currently living on low incomes gain increased confidence to manage finances and save for the future, increased positivity and knowledge of themselves, and growth in their personal and professional support systems.

We're testing these outcomes throughout the participants experience in Mobility Coaching, to see how the principles of behavioural economics can impact social and economic mobility over time.

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