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Canoe Trip


Ripples is a community building small grants program that supports resident-led projects in Bowness, Montgomery, or Greenwood Village.


If you have an idea to improve and develop your community, then the Ripples Community Building Grant might be for you.


Get Engaged in your Community

Ripples is a great way for community minded, passionate people, to participate in their community and create great places to live.


Through the Ripples program, folks who live in Bowness, Montgomery, and Greenwood Village are supported to host events and projects that create and deepen social connections, develop leadership skills, and improve and uplift the lives of your fellow neighbors.

What have past Ripples grant recipients done in their community?

We've supported members of the Bowness, Montgomery, and Greenwood Village communities with a range of fun and exciting events and projects. From a Haunted House, to Christmas Tree decorations along Bowness Road, there is endless possibilities to give back and connect.

Ripples Application Form

Submit your application to the Ripples Community Building Grant Program and you may receive between $50 and $800 towards supporting your project. Grants can only be accessed once per project.

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