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Vibrant Kids Fund

The Vibrant Kids Fund is a small grants fund to support the development of children in the communities of Bowness, Montgomery, and Greenwood Village.


Helping children to grow.

We believe that supporting young children in their development is a key step in stopping the cycle of poverty in our communities.

Thanks to the support of the United Way Calgary and Area, we have a unique chance to help children in Bowness, Montgomery, and Greenwood Village, to access opportunities that they otherwise might miss out on.

What can the Vibrant Kids Fund help with?

The Vibrant Kids Fund is available to support low income families in the Bowness, Montgomery, and Greenwood Village communities in Northwest Calgary, to provide enrichment, development, and basic needs supports for their children.

Connect with us to see if your funding need can be covered.

School Supplies

Sports Fees

Summer Camps


Shelter and Utilities

Food and Furniture


Are you in need of support?

Applying to the Vibrant Kids Fund is easy. Just follow the link below and complete the application form.

Once we receive your application, a Community Advocate will connect with you within 2 to 3 business days to discuss next steps.