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Basic Needs Fund

The Basic Needs Fund is an emergency financial assistance fund, intended to help people out of an unforeseen financial crisis.


If you would like to apply to the Basic Needs Fund, please read through the important information below and then follow the Apply Now link to complete the application form when the program is open.

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Application Process

Step 1

To apply for the Basic Needs Fund program, you will need to submit your online application while the program is open and accepting applications. You cannot apply while the program is closed.

Step 2

Once you have submitted your online application, you can gather and submit your supporting documents to Rise Calgary. Read below to see more information on what documents are required and how to submit those to us.

Step 3

Once we have received your supporting documents to complete your application, we will assess all applications and accept people into the program based on eligibility and need. Read below to ensure that you are eligible for the Basic Needs Fund.

Step 4

Once accepted into the program you will have a more in depth discussion with a Community Advocate. They will approve and disburse funding to the relevant parties based on the outcome of this discussion with yourself and any co-applicants.

What can I request emergency assistance for?

The Basic Needs Fund is available to support Calgarians' with meeting their basic needs. While it is primarily used to ensure that people stay housed and their utilities remain on, we can assess all applications for emergency funding on a case by case basis. 

  1. Rental Arrears / Eviction Notices

  2. Utility Arrears / Disconnection Notices

  3. First Months Rent / Damage Deposit

  4. Unforeseen Medical Expense

Am I eligible for the Basic Needs Fund?

To be eligible to receive assistance in the Basic Needs Fund program, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You have connected with Alberta Works Emergency Fund on 1 (877) 644-9992 and been declined for assistance.

  2. You live in Calgary, or surrounding areas.

  3. You live on a low-income, or are experiencing a temporary financial crisis.

  4. You are sustainable, meaning from month to month your income is high enough to cover your expenses under normal circumstances.

What supporting documents are needed?

If you are eligible, you will need to provide supporting documents to Rise Calgary to assist with assessing your application and ensuring funding is disbursed fairly.

You will need to provide the following to complete your application:

  1. Photo ID: Government issued Photo ID for yourself and your spouse / common-law partner (if applicable).

  2. Bank Statements: Your last 90 days of bank statements for yourself and your spouse / common-law partner (if applicable).

  3. Disconnection or Eviction Notices: A copy of any eviction or disconnection notices that you have received.

  4. Rent Report or Lease Agreement: For rental arrears or damage deposit / first months rent applications, we require a copy of your rent report or lease agreement signed by both yourself and your landlord.

  5. Utility Statements: For utility arrears applications we will require copies of your most recent utility statement from your utility provider. Please note that screenshots of overdue notification emails or account notices are not sufficient and we will require the actual monthly statement.

  6. Proof of Income: If your income is not deposited directly into your bank account, you are required to show proof of income in the form of a pay stub or letter from your employer.

How can I submit my documents?

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