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Tax Filing

Rise Calgary is honored to support the low-income Taxation and Benefits programming in Calgary.

Our tax filing services are free for people who are living on a low income and our volunteers can file simple Alberta personal taxes.

Important Dates

Tax Filing Appointments Open: March 1st, 2024

For urgent matters, feel free to contact us at:


Am I eligible to file with Rise Calgary?

To be eligible to file your taxes at a free low-income tax clinic, you must meet the requirements in the chart below.


Family size includes any adults and dependent children in the family unit.

Family Size
Total Family Income

1 person

2 persons

3 persons

4 persons

5 persons

More than 5 persons

$35,000 per year

$45,000 per year

$47,500 per year

$50,000 per year

$52,500 per year

$52,500 plus $2,500

for each additional person

How long will take to file my taxes?

Once you have completed your registration documents it can take between 6 - 8 weeks, depending on the request for our tax services.  With our new process, we are hoping to decrease the wait time.  These time frames can vary based on demand and time of year.

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