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Highlighted Program

Good Food Box

The Good Food Box program aims to tackle the issue of food security by providing fresh fruit and vegetables at an affordable price!

Our Services

Our programs and services are all about moving community members from a place of scarcity, to one of strength.


We acknowledge and support people on their journey, helping them to find solutions to stabilize their immediate needs first, so that we can build a strong foundation and nudge people towards empowerment.

Our communities are inherently strong and resilient, and through a culture of problem solving and coaching, we create space for people to dream and plan.

Basic Needs Supports

Our Basic Needs Supports programming is designed to help stabilize any immediate crisis that our community members might be facing. This ensures that their basic needs are met, and provides the foundation on which families can begin to plan, dream, and navigate the next steps in their lives.

  • Emergency Hampers

  • Referrals

  • Resource Discussions

  • Advocacy

  • Employment Supports

  • Basic Needs Fund

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Money Management & Life Skills


We believe that money management and financial knowledge are key components in empowering everyone to take control of their lives and create the space to dream, plan, and achieve their goals. 

  • Taxes and Benefits

  • Earn and Learn

  • Financial Coaching

  • Mobility Coaching

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Wellness & Engagement

Wellness is an important area of development, where we encourage and support our community in caring for their mental health and well-being, increasing community connection in their lives, and giving back through community engagement and volunteering.

  • Insight Counselling and Therapy

  • Ripples

  • Community Events

  • Volunteer Opportunities

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What Our Clients Say

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"One of the most important services for me, is the social support provided through the programs."

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