Welcome to Rise Calgary.

We work to ensure everyone moves forward and that no one feels alone during their fight for a better quality of life.

We believe in our community and want all Calgarians to have tangible supports that move them from scarcity to strength. Everyone who comes to us for help will receive compassionate and non-judgmental support from our small but mighty team.


We value growth, innovation, and testing new ideas to shift perspectives, drive systemic change, and help end poverty in our city once and for all.

Our Programs and Services

At Rise Calgary we're passionate about programs and services that support the strength of our community and work to ensure that nobody feels alone while navigating life's challenging moments.


We believe in making sure that everyone moves forward. Our programs stabilize peoples immediate needs, then empower Calgarians to reach their own goals, all while trying to shift perspectives on poverty, and drive systemic change.

Basic Needs Supports

Get help with basic needs referrals for food, clothing, furniture and more. We can also help you to find resources in your community that will support you and your family during your time of need.

Basic Needs Fund

Access emergency financial assistance and financial coaching through our Basic Needs Fund program, assisting Calgarians with meeting their basic needs during a crisis.

Earn and Learn

Join our matched savings program Earn and Learn, where we will match your savings, teach you the skills required to take control of your finances, save money, and purchase an asset.

Good Food Box Program

Access healthy fruits and vegetables at an affordable price through the Good Food Box program, offered in partnership with the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary.

Insight Counselling Services

Build a strong foundation for growth with affordable mental health and counselling services through our partnership with Insight Counselling and Therapy Centre.

Taxes and Benefits Navigation

We can help you to file your personal Alberta income taxes and access your government benefits through our free low-income tax filing and benefits navigation program.

Grocery Bag


We connect with over 1,300 Calgarians every month to provide trusted and reliable  supports.

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Everyone moves forward together