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Fighting Scarcity

Rise Calgary fights scarcity by problem-solving with our clients, ensuring their basic needs are immediately met: food, housing, clothing, technology, transportation, baby and children's items, prescriptions and other life items, e.g., work boots.​

Our Leader Salimah Kassam chats with Jaclyn Silbernagel from Vibrant Communities Calgary about Rise Calgary’s approach to fighting scarcity and moving Calgarians out of poverty. If you’d like to dig deeper, also check out our Mobility Coaching video and research paper on our Mobility Coaching pilot project here.

Financial Coaching Client 

“When I first started Financial Coaching, I was in a desperate situation and had little hope of crawling my way out of it. With the help of Julia, I was able to put together a plan. We looked at my budget, found expenses I could cut down on and determined I also needed to increase my income. With the hope and determination Julia helped me find, I was able to get a job and apply for subsidy programs. I still have a ways to go but my future is looking brighter every day.”

Gillian's Story

Earn and Learn and Financial Coaching Client

“I am a single mom with no support or mentors in my life. The coaching has helped me with difficulties such as managing credit card expenses and closing down a mastercard which I didn't know how to do on my own. My coach fills up the empty spaces in my life.”

Our impact fighting scarcity


1,347 food security supports provided, ensuring families have fresh produce, proteins, and essentials on the dinner table.


240 families received emergency financial help through the Basic Needs Fund, creating housing security for vulnerable Calgarians.


426 referrals for clothing, household items, and enrichment activities so that children can play and celebrate.


800 clients taxes filed to access tax refunds and critical benefits like the Child Tax Credit, creating big differences in household incomes for those who need it most.


128 connections for mental health supports, to make sure no one feels alone in their journey towards strong mental health.


293 discussions with clients on accessing benefits and supports like AISH, helping people experiencing life altering circumstances like permanent disability.

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